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Hi there!

      Hello! My name is Gary and I’ve been working in customer service and sales for over a decade. I started my career at a Golf Resort in 2010, where I was a jack-of-all-trades. I worked as a cart staff member, helped out in the clubhouse, served customers in front-of-house dining, assisted in the back-of-house kitchen, and even pitched in with special events. Later on, I picked up a second job as a server, which allowed me to gain experience in various types of restaurants, such as pubs, traditional dining establishments, banquette events, and etiquette dining.

      In 2016, I got into property management and started working as a leasing consultant. It’s a big responsibility, as I’m the first point of contact for everyone who comes to our community. I’m also in charge of creating social media posts to help spread the word about our community, and I make sure all of our lease agreements are secure. On top of that, I plan and organize resident events. What really sets me apart in this role are the videos I create for virtual tours of the community. I’m proud of the positive feedback I’ve received from both residents and coworkers, and I’ve been able to help out at other communities too.


      By 2021, I became an Assistant Property Manager. As an Assistant Property Manager, I have taken on various responsibilities including overseeing property operations, exploring innovative ways to maximize revenue, and mentoring my team members to support them in achieving their goals. I prioritize customer satisfaction and possess excellent closing skills, which has enabled me to progress within the company. I am now one of the main closers for last-minute community fill-ups at the corporate level, as well as a mentor to new hires and an agent who provides assistance to struggling communities across multiple regions and states.

      My main focus as the National Roving Leasing Sales Consultant is increasing occupancy levels in struggling communities. The unique part of my job is that every community I assist is under a different circumstance for low occupancy. It keeps it interesting because I can sharpen my pivot skills by developing unique solutions to help overcome challenges. Being thrown into a new working environment that I’ve never been to before and expected to deliver high results within a few weeks can be challenging. Still, I always try to lead by example by being a positive role model and motivating the team. Even when faced with complex challenges, I know that nothing is impossible. After all, the word “impossible” actually spells out “I’m possible.”



Sales Trainer

      Throughout my career in sales, I have had the opportunity to explore various avenues and grow my network. I find sales and customer service to be extremely fulfilling as it allows me to make a positive impact on others by helping them overcome their challenges. After spending 10+ years in the sales industry, I am eager to take the next step and share my knowledge with other like-minded professionals. That's why I recently joined the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) team, aiming to inspire others to improve their sales and customer service techniques and build better relationships with their customers.

My Purpose 

      I’ve always been someone who enjoys a bit of competition, and I don’t just mean against my competitors – I also enjoy competing with my coworkers. I believe that when everyone is pushing themselves to be their best, that’s when a business is really thriving. I’ve always set my sights high, aiming not just to meet the company’s standards but to exceed them wherever possible. This approach has earned me a lot of recognition over the years, including winning the leasing award three years in a row, achieving the highest renewal percentage in the region, being named employee spotlight of the year, and even receiving equity based on my performance. I’m really invested in this company, and I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved here. 


      I wake up every day feeling immensely grateful to be able to follow my passion. I consider myself lucky to be working with an equally motivated team of professionals who are dedicated to achieving our goals. Collaboration is a key aspect of my work ethic, and I’m always prepared to assist my colleagues with their projects. My ultimate aim is to have a positive impact on others by guiding them in enhancing their customer service and closing skills, just as I once received supporting my journey.

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